Hotel Reindlschmiede in Bad Heilbrunn

Our Butchery

We, the Rohrmoser family, produce our fresh and delicious meat and sausage specialties in our very own in-house country butchery. Our meat comes from regional farms who have been working together with us for years and have proven to be reliable partners. We produce our specialties based on well-tried Bavarian recipes and with great care. You can order our sausage specialties in our restaurant or buy them in our farm shop with butcher’s shop. We not only take great care to select the best suppliers, we also place great importance on the production of our meat products. This is why we adhere to the highest hygiene standards. We have also recently improved our cooling and storing facilities as well as our working area. If we find the time, our master butchers will gladly show you around and tell you about their work or you can have a look at how our kitchen staff works in our open kitchen.

Reindlschmiede Theke


From the Reindlschmiede

The specialties at the Reindlschmiede’s country butchery are made based on authentic traditionally Bavarian recipes that offer the unmistakable taste of the Alpine cuisine. Our classics, such as the fresh “Schmiedn-Weißwurst” or the juicy blood and liver sausages made in the typical style of our house, have always been popular products in this region.


Specialties to Take Home

Enjoy the delicious specialties of the farm store right at the Reindlschmiede or take them with you on a hike. Why not eat a nice meal at the restaurant and take some of our products home for later – or give our specialties to friends and family at home as a gift from your trip. We package our products in a way that makes it possible for you to bring them home with you.

Catering Service

And Catering

You can now enjoy the delicious dishes of our house at home or at a party in a place of your choice. Together with you, we will arrange just the right buffet or menu for your guests and we will prepare, deliver and present it. Contact us as early as possible and we will gladly inform you about our catering options.